How do I move a shower drain in my basement?


Eliminate the shower drain grate and unscrew the drain cover from the drain base with wrench, remove away the concrete around the base using a jackhammer. Dig the path to the new location for the drain with chalk on the floor by covering the line with grit and trowel cement on top but make sure it dries with in 24hours.
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1. Clear out any excess water that has collected on your basement floor. 2. If there is a washer unit in your basement, make sure that it is working correctly. The clog may be caused
Run a snake down it to see where the clog is, cut out the floor, remove that section of pipe, replace it and pour a new floor. There is nothing that is going to dissolve the cement.
You might get away with a shower going into a toilet drain, as long as only one person is using this shower. but if you close an air vent off, is a no no, you just need a s trap for
1. Drain all the standing water in the tub or shower stall. 2. Clean up any debris that is covering the drain trap. Remove all the hair by wiping it up with a rag or piece of toilet
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Basement Shower Drain Installation
Basement drains typically are installed during home construction because they allow rain and water to drain from the basement floor before roof installation. It's best to install a basement drain before the flooring and basement are finished, because... More »
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