Basic Characteristics of a Civilization?


There are some basic characteristics of a civilization that put it into the category of people living together in an organized fashion. The basic 6 characteristics of a civilization include the presence of a government, households that consist of people, people competing for different jobs, households buying goods produced and a strong supply of food. The last and most important of the characteristics is the presence of evident divisions among people on the basis of classes.
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The 6 basic characteristics of civilization are cities, organized governments, art, religion, class divisions, and a writing system. Different answer: Stable food supply, government
Civiliazation is characterized by agriculture, trade,
Our national government is usually referred to as the "federal" government. This term should not to be confused with "federalism, which describes how governments share
cities, government, religion, social structure, writing, and art ?
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Basic Characteristics of Civilizations
The rise and fall of civilizations remain a primary focus of archaeologists and historians. Their investigations have revealed that the appearance of every civilization and its reason for collapse is geographically and culturally unique. Yet, such... More »
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The 8 basic features of a civilization are cities, a well-organized centralized government, complex religions, job specializations, social classes, arts and architecture ...
Command economy basic characteristics include a market that is controlled by the government or some other centralized force. In each case, this power has the ability ...
A civilization is an organized society of people. Six characteristics of a civilization are social structure, stable food supply and religious beliefs. There is ...
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