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A map of any kind is used to guide people to their destination, whether it is another state or the bathroom in the mall. Because you can not possibly add every single detail to a map, there are symbols that are used to represent a majority of what is needed on the map. These symbols are made up of a mixture of colors, shapes or other identifiers. Not all symbols are universal and this is when a map legend is necessary, it gives a breakdown of what each symbol represents throughout the map.
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1. Read the symbol definitions in the legend, and search your map for the symbols. Use a magnifying glass when reading the legend, if necessary. General-use maps include symbols for
the symbols and their meanings are in the map legend area. thinks such as rr crossings, city halls, police, hospitals, etc etc.
It can depend on the map, but it usually will look like triangles.
According to the ESRI documentation: "The SymbolSelector class is used for presenting the user with a choice of symbols: marker, line, fill, or text. The symbols in the selector
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