What Are Some Good Questions When Interviewing a Basketball Coach?


When interviewing a potential basketball coach, you should make sure you are asking questions in which the answers given can help you to determine who the best fit for the job is. Some good basketball coaching interview questions might be, 'Why do you feel you are the best fit for this job?', 'How do you plan on keeping the overall morale of the team high if you are to become coach?' etc.
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How will you strike a balance on your team between academics and the sport of basketball? Which coaches do you draw basketball knowledge from? How about personal inspiration? And
you could try something like. What are your excpectaions for this season?
They will likely ask you the usual personal
Hi! I apologize for the fact that it took me so long to reply. i was out of town. But, in answer to your question, I don't know that there is a specific list of questions that college
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Basketball Coaching Interview Questions
Becoming a basketball coach can be a very rewarding experience because you make a difference in the lives of your players. If you are about to interview for a basketball coaching vacancy, you will most likely be asked questions about your coaching... More »
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