What does "honorable mention" mean?


An honorable mention is a way of recognizing someone who or something that has entered a contest and done an exceptionally good job but not quite good enough to win one of the top prizes. This award, praise or distinction is given to those who have performed very well in the contest or exhibition and deserve recognition for their work.

When contests are held, there is usually a structure in which the three or four best entries are singled out for first, second, and third place awards. Sometimes a contest will include more than three excellent entries, and judges wish to recognize those additional entries that did not win top prizes but are nonetheless worthy of recognition. The honorable mention exists to formalize this recognition. Those who win honorable mentions may not win the same types of prizes as the top prize winners, but their work has been singled out for special recognition as well above average for the group.

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Honorable mentions began as military accolades in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They were given to soldiers who had distinguished themselves with acts of bravery, but did not quite
n. A citation to one who has performed well in a competition but has not been awarded a prize.
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