How do you tile a bathroom ceiling?


Bathroom ceiling tiles can be purchased at many home improvement stores. Home Depot and Lowe's have a wide variety. Tiling the ceiling is very easy and you will need a trowel and special glue.
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1. Measure the ceiling area and plot it on graph paper. Determine the position of the grid on the ceiling so all sides have straight lines. 2. Calculate how many full tiles you'll
1) you should be using 1/2" hardi board on all walls and ceilings. 1/4" is yse for floors. Youy may get deflection w/ 1/4" Hardi. 2) 1/2", yes 3) try to make sure
1. Use a wrench to remove the nuts holding the toilet to the floor. Then unscrew the toilet supply line, lift the toilet off of the flange and set it aside. 2. Examine the floor to
1. Browse home improvement magazines or websites and collect pictures of bathroom floors you like. Gathering samples will help you determine the type of floor tile to purchase and
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How to Install Bathroom Ceiling Tile
Ceramic ceiling tile provides beauty as well as functionality in the bathroom. Aside from enhancing the appearance of the room, ceramic tile is very easy to care for and not easily blemished. Steam and shower spray can damage regular painted ceilings,... More »
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