Bathroom Paneling?


Many people are choosing bathroom paneling over tile for a variety of different reasons. Wall paneling is available in a variety of designs, and generally less expensive than tile. It handles moisture well and discourages mold growth if you apply an adhesive to the side you glue to the wall. You can purchase already waterproofed paneling which is perfect for the bathroom moisture. Installing wall paneling is generally simple and quick, much faster than tiling.
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1. Remove all of the switch and receptacle covers with your screwdriver. Place the covers into the shoebox along with the retaining screws. 2. Measure the wall closest to the bathroom
i especially like yellow and white wall panels. but in my opinion, for bathroom its better to install white or blue panels.
i'm not sure of the name.. but its made of a putty, moulded to panel shapes and when dried .. they would be fitted and sealed to the wall.. quite popular probably in the 40's through
tiles can be replaced easily and cheaply
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Bathroom paneling can be dark or light wood. Bathroom paneling is easy to clean and can be purchased in stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Buckboard is a type of paneling that is common in bathrooms.
There are many ways to decorate a bathroom. You can use wood paneling, paint, wallpaper, or a combination. You can also install chair railing to separate the two colors or textures.
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