How to Repair a Bathroom Sink Stopper Plunger?


Bathroom sink stopper repair is relatively simple. To remove a bathroom sink stopper, simply pull up on it. There is a hook on the bottom of the stopper. Replace with a new stopper.
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A bathroom sink stopper repair is often accomplished by accessing under the sink and locating the pull rod that is parallel to the waste pipe. A type of mechanism should be located here that might be something like a screw or thumbscrew which may need tightening to avoid slippage. If this assembly seems fine, then the rod that enters the waste pipe and controls the up and down motion of the stopper has become disconnected. This rod can be taken out of the drain pipe and repositioned.
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1. Crawl under the sink and use the flashlight to locate the stopper mechanism. It will be a long, thin metal rod extending down from the center of the faucet. It should intersect
You will probably have to get under the sink to raise it by hand. Once up, you should be able to twist it around until it comes loose.
The tail piece is the straight drain pipe immediately connected to the sink. On the back of the tail piece is a nut that holds the stop lever. Turn that nut counterclock wise and
Go to your local whole saler , you won't find one at your local harware store.
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Most bathroom sink stoppers are separate pieces that rest in the sink drain on top of the mechanism that closes and opens the stopper. You should be able to replace ...
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A bathroom sink stopper may need to be replaced if it is not functioning properly. The seal around the stopper may need to be replaced if it is very old. A whole ...
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