What are some ways to remove a mobile home bathtub?


You can remove a mobile home bathtub by undoing the screws that are holding in place. You could also wedge out the bathtub if it is fixed in place by glue. Finally, you could break it and take out the pieces if you no longer need the bathtub.
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1. Sand the area around the crack as far away as 1 inch. 2. Drill a hole with your drill bit at either end of the crack to relieve stress and prevent it from opening further. 3. Clean
I've never heard of there being any weight limit. I have put large tubs in a few mobiles and had no problem. Joists are 16" apart in the floor and can support a lot of weight.
1. Scrub the paneling clean to remove dirt, wax and surface oil. Use grease-cutting detergent, especially if you think the paneling has been buffed with furniture oil. Rinse it and
1. Turn off the heating or air conditioning unit by putting the thermostat switch in the off position. 2. Unscrew the screws holding the vent cover in place. Keep the screws in a
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How to Remove a Mobile Home Bathtub
While tubs in most homes are made of porcelain, mobile home bathtubs are usually made of plastic. Leaks or cracks in the tub often require complete tub replacement. Removing a bathtub from mobile home is slightly different than a standard tub.... More »
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