How do you install a bathtub overflow gasket?


The bathtub overflow gasket sits behind the overflow plate. To install the gasket in the bathtub overflow, remove the overflow cover plate with a screw driver. Install the new overflow gasket by centering it in the overflow opening then screw the overflow trim plate back into position tightly enough to feel the gasket squeeze into position. Finish by caulking around the top half of the overflow plate.
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1. Clean the area around the overflow tube. Scrape off any residual caulk or putty with a putty knife, taking care not to scratch the bathtub surface. Remove any mold or mildew around
A quick way would be to drop into a plumbing supply store. They often have tubs on display with the overflow drain hooked up. You will be able to see where the overflow water goes
The tub overflow gasket sits behind the overflow plate and provides a seal around the overflow pipe of a bath tub. Like other rubber gaskets the overflow gasket can dry out over time
After 8 minutes of filling when the tub would normally be full, it has had 8 minutes of draining time also, enough to run out 2/3 of the water. Instead of being full, the tub is only
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How to Install a Gasket in the Bathtub Overflow
The bathtub overflow does a couple of things in a bathtub. The main purpose that the overflow tube serves is to allow the water in the bathtub a path to escape if the faucet continues to run. This is needed, for example, if you fall asleep in the bath... More »
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