Battery Acid on Skin?


Battery acid ion skin is very dangerous. Highly corrosive, it causes severe, possibly even third degree burns when it comes in direct contact with skin. Just the mist of the acid in the air is irritating to the eyes, throat and nose. If it happens to get sprayed directly in the eyes, blindness can occur. If the sulfuric acid mist is breathed in it will irritate the lungs and can even cause pulmonary edema (buildup of excess liquid in the lungs.)
Q&A Related to "Battery Acid on Skin?"
I have heard that baking soda neutralizes alkaline battery acid. Rinse the affected area well, at least 3-5 mins then apply about 2oz of baking soda liberally while skin is still
One of the main parts of a lead acid battery are the plates. They are rectangular grids made of lead, alloyed for strength with tin, antimony, calcium or selenium. The holes in the
Medical attention should be sought for battery acid burns. It is
not that dangerous, but volatile enough to cause situations like this. make sure you clean the liquid thoroughly. Also use cotton earbuds to absorb the excess. Try not to make contact
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