Battery Drain Causes?


Battery drain causes can be a number of different things. Most batteries in vehicles that are draining are probably having an issue caused by a short between the positive and negative terminal posts. Sometimes it can be as simple as the alternator draining the battery. There could also be a wire pinched between two grounded metal body components. This would allow a small flow of current that would create a small but continous drain on the battery when the alternator is not generating electricity.
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The most obvious way that your remote control batteries can drain quickly is by tossing the remote on a coffee table where it gets buried under a layer of magazines, books and other
Dead cell in the battery, any light on the car that is staying on, or a stuck relay.
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Tamika, I would assume the actuator is the control unit. The Maxima is known to have the control unit stick and as a result the power stays on and drains the battery. But, to be
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If you find that the battery in your van is constantly draining it could be one of several different reasons. The most common reason is that a light or some type ...
What Causes a Car Battery to Drain

Such things as a glove box, trunk and under hood lights that do not turn off automatically when the door ...
The biggest cause of draining a battery from a cell phone is constant use. The more you are using your phone, the more the power is drained. If you have a smart ...
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