Battery Operated Heaters?


Battery Operated Heaters seem like a great idea but in reality they don't put out very much heat and are very hard to find. Finding a battery operated heater that runds independently can be frustrating. These devices take up a long of energy to run over a long period of time making it too big to be portable which is probably what you are looking for. Some good alternatives are a propane heater, or a battery car heater. Small space heaters that run on electricity are great and can put out a lot of heat for a reasonable price.
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Battery operated heaters can be purchased from Sears or eBay.They range in price depending on the size and type you decide to purchase. Both Sears and eBay will ship to you.
1. Turn the heater valve on the tent heater to the "off" position and attach the propane bottle. 2. Rotate the supporting legs into the operating position and firmly place
You can find the Coleman ProCat PerfectTemp Catalytic Heater with
I'm assuming you mean the recent move from 9V metal rail to 9V IR remote control with plastic rail (as opposed to any of the earlier moves. 4.5V battery to 12V metal center conductor
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