What are some appropriate Battle of the Sexes questions?


Some appropriate Battle of the Sexes questions include: "What color is chartreuse a shade of (for men)?"and "What type of track are Grand Prix races held on (for women)?" These types of questions are meant to test gender specific knowledge without being offensive to one another.

Battle of the Sexes is a game designed for men and women to compete and see who understands the other side better. On the women's turn, the men will choose a question from the men's box of questions. On the men's turn, the women will choose a question from the women's box. The game continues until one team has three trophies or when one team has answered the predetermined number of questions successfully. Because a board is not needed to play this game, teams are able to get creative with questions and rules.

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A man enters a relationship with a woman thinking she won't change but she does. A woman enters a relationship with a man thinking he will change, but he doesn't.
well.i just know there are questions about, in which book does the kids find white tomatoes? answer:Bunnicula,Howe.
Charles Crichton
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