Battle of the Sexes Questions?


Questions for battle of the sexes are usually based on things the other sex may not know. For example, asking pregnancy questions to a male. For females, questions can be about tools or cars.
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Battle of the Sexes questions: 1 Where would I find a head gasket? a sewing
well.i just know there are questions about, in which book does the kids find white tomatoes? answer:Bunnicula,Howe.
I can only speak for Americans, though it probably holds for many other peoples as well, but I think that we Americans still live in a relatively repressed society at least in terms
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The board game Battle of the Sexes is played with two or more players. The object of the game is to move your pawn across the board while answering questions ...
I have found a site that has 80 fun questions to ask friends broken down into 8 categories. These categories are movies, T.V., books, sex questions, money questions ...
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