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Bavaria china is antique china dishes, knowing how to tell if the crest on the dishes is authentic is invaluable. Bavaria Germany made a ton of fine china for both the American and European markets in the late 19th century and on. Some companies resumed production after World War II but the bulk of Bavarian China is available now as collectibles. Most companies marked the botton of the china piece, it was required of them to print the name of the country of origin in English from early in the 20th century. If your piece says Bavaria or Bayerishe (German) then you can be sure your piece was made in the 19th century.
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1. Check the mark on the bottom of the china. Porcelain and china from Bavaria made for the export trade to the United States will be marked in English. Those not made for export
Very informative site on the history of Winterling PM&M page [Germany / Bavaria / Schwarzenbach (01)
no luck so far with the Marian , tried Marianne, all blue, white flower spray, pattern. here's a similar Edelstein.….
The pattern is gold with a white rose in a white circle on the side. I have a few 4-6 side plates each with a white rose of a different size in the center of a white circle.
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