What is the best material to use for bay window roofing?


Bay window roof construction is a making of the top cover to a construction that normally projects outwards from a building. Some of the best materials for a bay window roof construction are timber frame, soft tile, fascia and either copper or lead.
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1. Decide where to place your new window. An east-facing wall is your best bet. Visit a local home improvement store and look at the windows catalog. Most stores also have windows
Copper or lead work best because it's easy to flash. The flashing is the metal that keeps the water from getting between the roof and the wall.
Hi Greg, Thanks for the question. Metal is a very durable roof covering, and it can be very distinctive. Have you considered keeping it, perhaps freshening it up with new paint? If
you have been cheated .you never refelt over old .thats a cowboy job .im a builder .do a lot of flat roofs .have never once left an old roof covering on .allways use exterior ply
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