How to Play Follow the Leader?


To play Follow the Leader, pick a person who will be the leader. Everyone else lines up behind the leader. Whatever the leader does or wherever s/he goes, everyone in line does the same. Anyone who doesn't follow is removed. The game ends when there is only one person following the leader. That person then becomes the new leader.
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1. Assign one leader and several followers. You should have at least three players for a good game of Follow the Leader. 2. Tell the leader to start doing something. He can walk,
1. A good leader is not simply a figurehead. He/she is someone who works within the team, not only giving orders, but also facilitating action. 2. A good leader seeks to be an example
The leaders of Judaism are Rabbis. The followers of Judaism are the Jewish people.
There are several kinds of followers: Worshippers who are in awe of anything they don't understand. Extreme form: cult members High priests: people who codify, discipline and enforce
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