Beaded Animal Keychain Instructions?


To make a beaded animal keychain, select the pattern and colours to be used for the animal keychain, lay out your materials on a flat workspace, arrange the pony beads on a towel in a desired pattern, fold the cord to find the midpoint and then weave the beads.
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1. Select the pattern and colors to be used for your animal keychain. Get creative and design your own pattern or choose one from a craft book or Internet site. 2. Lay out your supplies
Its easy! Just make a laynard knot on a key ring with a cord or string at least 1 1/2 yards long. You can find a pattern for the animal online or make one up (I suggest that for beginners
go to - they have a bunch of free patterns for animals, shapes and holiday designs.
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A person can easily make a beaded animal keychain by utilizing scissors and split keyrings. Plastic lacing can also be efficiently utilized. ...
There are many patterns available to create beaded key chains. Animals, hearts and other items can be created out of beads to make a key chain. The directions ...
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