Beagle Dachshund Mix?


The most commonly used name given to a beagle-dachshund mix is Doxel. The Doxel is said to be energetic and happy but can also be mellow. They can eat a lot and become easily over weight so diet must be monitored and exercise is necessary.
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bachshund. beagle/dachshund. beachshund. deagle. bachgle. deagleshund. hee hee sorry these are just coming out of my head.
How about a Doxle!
It is really hard to know how a mixed breed dog will turn out. That is the joke with the whole "doodle" phase. They claim to be hypo-allergenic because that are mixed with
Rover! Kudos to you for adopting as well : Congratulations, and good luck with him! :D. Source(s) SPCA Volunteer.
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