Beam Sizes For Load Bearing Walls?


Beam sizes for load bearing walls can vary depending on how much the beam has to hold up and how large the wall is. A load bearing beam can be used when a wall is knocked down to open up a room. This beam drops down from the ceiling, but prevents the ceiling from collapsing. Sizes for these beams can typically be 16 or 17 feet, but again this is just an estimate and the sizes can vary. Beams for load bearing walls can be purchased at major hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe's.
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The 2 x 12 's will do the job but you need to do some additional work to the header as follows. Cut 2 of the 2x12's to length that will span the complete distance to rest on the doubled
Depends on how much weight is above it! but on 1 -2 story wood framed structures triple 2x12's glued and nailed will do the trick.
Hi Jason Eastvold, I can't tell you what size beam to use without knowing the load on the bearing wall at this point in time. Plus, you really need an engineer to make that call.
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