Where can you purchase a lap tray with handles and a bean bag bottom?


You can find a lap tray with handles and a bean bag bottom at Amazon, Walmart and Staples. They will run you between $20 and $60 dollars. There are all different patterns to choose from too. Some of them even have a cup holder, plate/laptop holder and a place for your pen and pencil!
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Bean bag lap trays can be used to hold a laptop, book, or other items on your lap while sitting down. This allows a level surface form using the items and protects against hot laptops
Lillian Vernon catalog. LL Bean catalog.
look here: http://www.beanbagscomfort.com
The usual round Bean Bag Tray dimensions are broad enough so you can organize your books, stationery, notebooks and paraphernalia work on it and still have room for lunch. If you&
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