Beard Styles?


There are 8 face shapes, according to Braun. The shape of a mans' face can determine the style of beard he should try to achieve. The face shapes are: oblong, rectangle, round, oval, square, diamond, inverted triangle, and triangle. A recommendation of beard style for each shape of face can be found at Braun. This advice can be used to determine what beard style is most flattering to a specific shape. Braun is a name to trust when asking advice on beard styles.
Q&A Related to "Beard Styles?"
Instructions. Decide which beard styles you like and dislike. Look at photos of different styles, from the basic goatee to the Klingon beard. Make a list of possibilities to narrow
A full beard is likely the biggest commitment out of all the beard styles, but it also often looks the best. Here's a guide to the full beard style, with tips on how to grow and maintain
I've always been a fan of mutton chops. They're very retro - well, maybe
The "candado" is called a "goatee" or "goatee and mustache. It is occasionally also referred to as a "circle beard" or "Van Dyke, but these
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