Beard Styles?


There are 8 face shapes, according to Braun. The shape of a mans' face can determine the style of beard he should try to achieve. The face shapes are: oblong, rectangle, round, oval, square, diamond, inverted triangle, and triangle. A recommendation of beard style for each shape of face can be found at Braun. This advice can be used to determine what beard style is most flattering to a specific shape. Braun is a name to trust when asking advice on beard styles.
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1. Decide which beard styles you like and dislike. Look at photos of different styles, from the basic goatee to the Klingon beard. Make a list of possibilities to narrow down your
A full beard is likely the biggest commitment out of all the beard styles, but it also often looks the best. Here's a guide to the full beard style, with tips on how to grow and maintain
I've always been a fan of mutton chops. They're very retro - well, maybe
The "candado" is called a "goatee" or "goatee and mustache. It is occasionally also referred to as a "circle beard" or "Van Dyke, but these
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Beard style names are often named for the person who made them popular. Tom Selleck made his mustached choice of beard style very popular when he appeared in the ...
Choosing a beard style depends on how a person's face is. Some people have long, round, square, large, small or oval face. For the round face, the beard must be ...
Beards and mustaches come in varied shapes and sizes and each seems to be an individual. It is difficult at times to duplicate the exact look of another mustache ...
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