Beaver Food Chain?


Beavers are on the low end of the food chain. The beaver is an herbivore, meaning it only eats plants. Foxes, hawks, and owls prey on beavers. The beaver defends itself with its teeth.
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The food chain is a defined by the way all living things need to feed upon each other to survive. An example would be a rabbit eats grass to survive and a fox would eat a rabbit to
All living things must have a source of energy (food) to exist. The type of food depends on the mechanism the plant or animal has to convert food to energy. Many organisms use light
There is no single food chain in the world. Hence, there is no single species on top of. the. food chain, in whose belly all other organisms find their final resting place. Instead,
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Beavers eat leaves, bark, twigs, roots, and aquatic plants. Predators of beavers include coyotes, wolves and bears; one of the functions of beaver dams is protection from predators.
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