Become a Drag Queen?


Become a drag queen by dressing up like a woman and going in to public to entertain. Many men will participate in beauty pageants where they dress as women and compete as a fund raiser. This can be quite fun for some men.
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1. Pick a name. Drag queens often use satirical plays on words to shape an identity. For example, "Misty Meaner" may take on the persona of an erotic officer. Allow your
For vaudeville-turned-silent-film star Julian Eltinge, perfecting his female impersonator appearance before stepping foot on stage was an arduous process. In a 1913 article published
1 As best as you can, try to master the art of female impersonation. Even if you would rather be loud and campy, it is helpful to understand the female form, the beauty of makeup,
Cleopatra was the third daughter of Ptolemy XII. She, at the age of 14, became a joint regent, and her father's second in command. Cleopatra did not become queen until her father's
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Becoming a drag queen is a great way to show off a different side of yourself. To become a drag queen, you should look up drag shows and contact them to enter. ...
To become a drag queen you must decide on the persona you want to take on as well as a name. You will need a wig, women's clothing, accessories, and makeup to ...
Drag Queen make up is no different than regular make up. If one wants to dress up or become a drag queen, they just need to purchase whatever make up necessary ...
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