How to Become a Licensed Iata Travel Agent?


To become a licensed IATA travel agent, you will need to submit all the requirements at International Air Transport Association (IATA). You will also need to pay the accreditation fee. As of January 2013, the fee is $165.
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1. Produce proof that you are working for a legally registered travel agency, or if you work independently, that your business is legal. Submit all relevant business licenses, tax
yes , there a course or qualification is required to become a travel agent of iata. there are many options of course depending upon our interest.for accurate information you can check
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You may find that you actually earn no commission at all. Even is you do the amount will be miniscule. Most agents don't earn commission these days, they make their money by charging
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How to Become a Licensed IATA Travel Agent
If you are interested in becoming a travel agent, or you are already working in the field, it is worthwhile to get accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). As a licensed IATA travel agent, you gain immediate recognition as... More »
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