How can you become legally separated in Iowa?


Couples in Iowa who wish to legally separate must file for legal separation, respecting the Iowa legal code in regard to this issue. According to Iowa Legal Aid, at least one member of the couple must reside in Iowa.

The Iowa State Bar explains that the only legal grounds for dissolution of a marriage in Iowa is the breakdown of the marriage relationship. The same rules for divorces apply to all legal separations. The state is a no-fault state, meaning petitioners cannot ask for a divorce on the grounds of misconduct on the other party's behalf. There is a 90-day waiting period following the serving of separation papers.

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1. Confirm that one of the parties meets the one-year residency requirement. The person filing the petition (plaintiff) must have been a resident of Iowa for at least one year before
A legal separation is similar to divorce. It is something like a pre-divorce. Two people draw up a document that allows them to remain married but live apart. They divide assets and
Simply residing in different places and living separate lives does not constitute a legal separation. Even if you are going through the divorce process, that is not considered a legal
File separation papers with your County Clerk and follow the process from there. Added: Be advised that in some states there is no provision in the law for such a legal condition
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