Becoming a Texas Resident?


It is not hard to become a Texas resident. The first thing to do is obviously move there. Second, you want to change your drivers license and vehicles registrations to Texas, then rent or buy a home, get a job and finally register to vote there.
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In order to become an official resident of the great state of Texas all you have to is move there. Once you live there and have proof of your address (like a utility or phone bill
1. Be a United States citizen. Those wishing to become Texas residents must first be citizens of the U.S. This can be done through natural birth within U.S. borders, birth abroad
1. Move to the state of Texas. Being one of the largest states in America, some of the world's largest cities are found here including Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, El
Purchase a residence in Texas and claim it as a homestead;
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You become a Texas resident by moving to Texas; it's that simple. Once you live there, you are a legal resident. It won't hurt to seal the deal by getting a ...
To become a Texas resident, one must do several residency establishing activities for one year including establishing a home via purchase or rental and maintaining ...
As long as you maintain a residence in Texas you are a Texas resident. To qualify as a Texas resident for instate tuition reasons, you must live in the state for ...
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