Bed Doll Crochet Pattern?


CrochetDollPatterns is a WordPress site which shares photos, patterns and commentary pertaining to bed doll crochet. The site goes back to February 2013. Patterns include the Rosemary Ann, Roshanna, and Pearl.
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1. Use the main color yarn skein to chain (ch) 16 stitches (sts) and then perform one double crochet (dc) on the third chain. Repeat the following instructions until you reach the
A bed doll is just that.a doll that sits in the middle of your bed as a decoration. They have very full crocheted dresses that spread out around them. You can also get what they call
I went looking around the Internet, and I wasn't able to find the exact pattern you are looking for. I did find some similar patterns, which I have attached links. Maybe this will
Do you want a special doll? Something a little different from the identikit dolls available in the shops, something extra-ordinary but without paying the prices that very special
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