How do you substitute beef consomm� for condensed beef broth?


When a recipe calls for condensed beef stock, and consomme is preferred, simply substitute the same amount of consomme for the regular stock. Home cooks can purchase canned beef consomme at the local supermarket. If preferred, consomme can be prepared from scratch following a recipe.

Beef consomme consists of beef stock juices that are boiled long enough until they are reduced down to a clear liquid. Consomme is used in soups and stews and as a flavoring for various dishes. A consomme is more delicate in flavor and texture than regular broth. There is a slight difference in flavor, but the two are very similar otherwise.

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1. Divide the amount of condensed beef broth called for in the recipe by two. If the recipe calls for 6 cups of condensed beef broth, your result would be 3 cups. The result is the
Well consomme is basically broth or stock made with whatever kind of meat is available, so beef consomme would be broth made with beef. Simple enough, huh?
Broth is the juice from cooking meat. Consumme is made
No its not the same thing, Consomme is thicker more condensed version of beef broth. It also has gelatin added to it as a thickening agent. For beef stew I use stock/broth usually
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