What is an example of a beginner power lifting routine?


According to Jim Wendler for Men's Fitness, a beginner power lifting routine primarily concentrates on bench presses, squats and deadlifts. These exercises are further broken into two kinds of days: dynamic effort and maximum effort.

One power lifting example for beginners involves exercising four days out of the week. Two of those days are dynamic effort days. Dynamic effort days focus on explosive lifting, which helps train the body to better apply force to the bar and develop greater levels of strength, notes Wendler. Maximum effort days involve lifting heavy weights using three different methods. These methods are squats, deadlifts and bench presses. Maximum effort days are spent identifying and focusing on areas of difficulty regarding lifting. Such difficulties may include difficulty locking elbows on bench presses or pulling from the ground on deadlifts.

To better work on these difficulties, beginner power lifting routines incorporate variations on the three primary forms of exercises, such as performing elevated deadlifts and rack lockouts. Mastering these alternative forms of exercise as a beginner helps ensure there are fewer difficulties in performing the more traditional exercises later. Wendler cautions that these exercises involve less time in the gym because power lifters do not typically focus on lesser exercises.

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