Behind Right Ear Pain?


There are a number of different conditions that can cause you to have pain behind the right ear. Most often the pain behind the ear is associated with neck pain. A cervicogenic headache could also be the cause of pain behind the right ear. Mastoiditis can also cause pain behind the right ear and down the neck, this is an infection of the mastoid bone. Whiplash is another condition that can cause pain behind the ear. Whiplash is commonly associated with a car accident. Talk with your doctor about concerns.
Q&A Related to "Behind Right Ear Pain?"
possibly a headache or a pimple/mosquito bite or a rash or an infection.many causes.
it may be mastoiditis, tough im not that sure considering your described as as throbbing. consult a doctor.
Hello, I am sorry to hear of your pain. Unfortunately I am a migraine suffer but not a medical expert and cannot make a diagnosis. There are any number of causes of headaches and
Ear pain and headaches could be a sign of a migraine, a cold,
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