Being Late to School?


Being late for school is never acceptable. If you find that you are constantly being late for school you need to readjust your schedule. Have your clothing set out the night before, plan what you will be having for breakfast, have your bag packed and by the door. You may have to set your alarm to awaken you a bit earlier in the morning. Most likely though the problem is simply mismanagement of your time. Teachers say that getting yourself organized ahead should solve this problem.
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1. Set your alarm. By doing this you will be waking up at the time you want. It also helps to prevent oversleeping. 2. On the night before get everything ready. Make sure you have
That depends on the level of strictness on the school and the teacher. The consequences may arrange from a warning to detention to suspension.
1. Assume everything is going to take twice as long as you think it will. If you're easily sidetracked than it's a good idea to start preparing a lot earlier than most people would.
Tell the teacher you couldn't find your homework. She wouldn't want
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You can stop being late for school by going to bed at a reasonable time. Set out your clothes the night before, and have your backpack ready to go. Also, get an ...
One consequences for being late to school might include detention. If late too many times the consequence may include in school suspension. ...
Many students are late to school because they simply slept in. Sometimes children miss the bus and need to be driven in by a parent which can also cause them ...
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