How to install Belkin router without cd?


You do not have to use the cd. Shutdown your PC. Unplug the power from the router and the cable modem. Wait 30 sec. then plug in the power to the cable modem, wait 30 sec. then plug the power to the router. Wait till you have "Internet" light then
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You actually don't need the install CD at all. I've never used one of the Install CD's that came with any router, I just find out what IP address the router uses (usually
You could try downloading the software from the manufacturers website. Try
The Belkin Power Cord only supplies power to your iPod. It does not convert music to a signal for your radio or CD player. You can try and FM Transmitter or Modulator. Both essentially
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1. Insert the Belkin wireless USB software CD into your computer by opening the CD-ROM drive and placing it inside. This CD is included with your wireless USB. ...
1. Insert the Belkin PC Card in the PC Card port on your laptop and turn it on. 2. Insert the Belkin driver CD in your CD drive. 3. Click on "Install Driver ...
1. Insert the Belkin software CD into your computer's disk drive. 2. Double-click the "Easy Install" icon that appears on your desktop. This will open ...
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