What are Bell bike locks?


Bell bike locks are locking mechanisms specifically made to go through bicycle tire spokes and around an immovable object. Lightweight and durably designed, Bell locks are a practical safety measure for bicyclists.

Established in 1954, Bell designs and sells helmets, gear and accessories for cyclists. The Bell SecuriKey Cable Lock is a long, slender, key-enabled, coil-type locking system. This type of bike lock secures the bicycle to many objects including small trees. The Bell Hands Off Bike U-Lock features a hardened steel and shackle crossbar design. The keyed lock is also vinyl-coated for scratch resistance. This type of bike lock is best used when securing a bicycle to a traditional bicycle rack.

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Combination bike locks feature a series of wheels
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Bell is a company which makes a range of motocross and bicycle equipment which include bike racks which mount onto cars. Installation of a bicycle rack require ...
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