Bellman Ford Algorithm?


The Bellman-Ford algorithm is classified as a single source shortest path problem. This algorithm is used for weighted directed graphs. It is considered versatile as it is has the ability to compute graphs consisting of edge weights with negative numbers. This algorithm is named after two developers Richard Bellman and Lester Ford, Jr. They collectively published their findings in both 1958 and 1962. Edward F. Moore was also found to have published the same algorithm in 1957.
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This. distance-vector algorithm. works by computing the shortest path , and considers weights. The algorithm was distributed widely in the RIP protocol.
The Bellman-Ford algorithm computes single-source shortest paths in a weighted digraph (where some of the edge weights may be negative) Dijkstra's algorithm accomplishes the same
Not entirely sure what you mean by "representing the input". Does this help ?
Both, the Bellman-Ford algorithm and Dijkstra's algorithm are used to calculate 'metrics' (distance/cost of traversing a link) in routing protocols. Both of them consider only hop
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