Benday Dots?


There are several ways to create Ben-day Dots in a painting. They can be created by hand, using a stencil (with pre-drilled holes), or by using a screen to create the dots, as a screen-printer would. Ben-day dots can also be made through computer programs such as Adobe Photo-shop and the like.
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1. Choose a portrait without too much background from your JPEG images. Save as "Benday" and close the original portrait. Click on "Filter/Artistic/ Poster Edges"
The Benday Dots printing process combines two (or more) different small,
1. Graph paper on bottom. 2. Tracing paper on top. 3. Mark dots on the tracing paper at the intersection of every line. 4. Put graphite on the back side of the tracing paper, tape
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Benday Dot Pattern is a pattern of dots made out of an image giving a photo more tone that one wants it to have. Benday dots pattern includes small colored dots ...
To paint Benday dots, you can use to colours. Then, use the lighter of the two colours as your background colour. The darker colour should be of the dots. If you ...
1. Upload a picture into Photoshop by clicking 'File' and then 'Import.' Select an image that has high contrast so that the Ben-Day dots will maintain detail after ...
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