Benefiber Ingredients?


Benefiber is a source of fiber that is available in caplets, powder and chewable tablets. The ingredients in Benefiber include potassium citrate, wheat dextrin, citric acid, lactose and cornstarch. The product is sugar free and is all natural.
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Look at the printed list of ingrediets on the package or bottle.
The only active ingredient in Benefiber® is Wheat Dextrin, a natural soluble fiber that is considered gluten free (contains less than 10 ppm of gluten i.e., "gluten-free&
The new active ingredient, Wheat Dextrin, allows for more fiber per teaspoon of powder and per caplet. Therefore, you get significantly more servings of fiber in your favorite size
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Citric acid, maltodextrin, aspartame, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide and xanthan gum are ingredients found in Benefiber fruit flavored packs you add to water. ...
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