Benefits of Airplanes?


Airplanes have provided many benefits to travelers, transporters, and military alike. With the use of air travel we would not be where we are today. People enjoy the convenience of air travel for vacations, visiting loved ones, and to quickly travel from one city to another for work purposes. We are able to transport goods from one area to another with in shorter period of time than land travel. Our military benefit from air travel as it allows them to move large numbers of troops overseas much more quickly than water transportation.
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One is that they fly at well over 300mph, so they are very fast!
Volumes could be written about the various ways the airplane has changed our society, our culture, our economy, and our destiny with most of it for the better. I will attempt to list
It is a quicker way to travel and creates more jobs and also easier for contries with no oceans or seas near them Anonymous
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