Benefits of Competition?


Biological competition creates survival of the fittest, which makes an ecosystem where only the genes of the most fit creatures are passed on. This makes the species stronger as a whole.
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In a competitive economic environment, companies do battle with each other in an attempt to earn the consumer's business. One common method companies use is to offer lower prices
1. you have a goal, and you want to achieve this goal. 2. if you loose, you have motivation to try your best and do it again. that's all I have!
Competition drives innovation and lowers prices for the consumer. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
There are a number of benefits that come from competition in markets. They include:
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The purpose of competition is to balance and equalize benefits and prevent monotony and similarity between products, goods or services.. Another purpose of competition ...
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The Clayton Antitrust Act was passed in 1914 in an effort to increase the effectiveness of existing antitrust legislation in the United States by limiting anti-competitive ...
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