Bengal Tiger Food Chain?


In the wild the Bengal Tiger remains at the top of the food chain. With no known natural predators the Bengal Tiger is still on the endangered species list. While humans are not a part of the natural environment Bengal Tigers live in we have reduced the population and we must now protect them. Tigers are carnivores and typically dine on chital, sambar, and gaur. They eat buffalo, wild boar, and hog deer. And since humans have been destroying and building in the natural environment of the Bengal Tiger they will sometimes eat domestic animals.
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Hi, Sayma The advantage of being a top predator is that you can feed on basically any other animal that lives in your ecosystem, and that you don´t have any natural enemies
Nothing eats the tiger - that's why it's known as a "top predator" (also called "apex predator" "alpha predator" "superpredator" or "top-level
Tigers and panthers are equal on the food chain since they
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Tigers eat large, hooved animals. No species of tiger has any natural predators besides humans.
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