Benjamin Almeda?


There are several people found with the name Benjamin Almeda. Probably the most well known is the one who was a Filipino inventor. He invented things such as the coconut grater and the rice grinder.
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Benjamin Almeda was a Filipino inventor who designed several food-processing machines. In 1954, Benjamin Almeda founded the Almeda Cottage Industry (now the Almedah Food Machineries
Benjamin Almeda - Filipino Inventor. Benjamin Almeda: Benjamin Almeda designed a food-processing machine and is one of the first Filipino inventors.
He invented a rice grinder, a coconut grinder and a meat grinder. Basically, he was into grinding things in the kitchen. Stewart Pinkerton
Benjamin Almeda - Significance: Benjamin Almeda designed several food-processing machines. Almeda Cottage Industry: In 1954, Benjamin Almeda founded the Almeda Cottage Industry (now
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There are many Filipino scientists who engineered the invention of various things and contributed to different aspects in science. Benjamin Almeda is credited ...
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