Benrus Watch Value?


In order for you to figure out the value of a Benrus watch, there are few key pieces of information that you have to find or figure out. The watches that garner the most value are the ones that are in great condition, have documentation associated with it and is a mechanical watch instead of battery operated. These key factors help to raise the value of the pieces. If the watch is battery operated then you will only get a few dollars for it, but if the above conditions are met then the value could range from $1000 to $3000.
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Benrus #564523 shockproof.
1. Place the watch face down on top of the cloth to prevent damaging the watch while working on the back. 2. Examine the watch back to locate the small dent that allows the case knife
Benrus watches range in retail price from $ 24.75 up to a few hundred dollars.
For this price range, definitely Patek. They beat records in auctions every times. But they're a bit hard to get (especially gold or platinum models) Actually, if you consider horology
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