Besides Chlorophyll What Other Pigments Are Found in the Chloroplasts?


Chloroplasts contain a variety of pigments to aid in the process of light absorption and conversion. Beside chlorophyll, the chloroplasts also contain carotenoids, and thylakoids. carotenoids are responsible for the red, yellow, and orange coloration we see in vegetation and fruits.
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accessory pigments!
Other pigments besides chlorophyll are present
xanthophylls, carotenoids, you know. The energy for photosynthesis is captured by pigments in chloroplasts and used to convert ADP to ATP, and to create reducing coenzymes such as
Besides chlorophyll a + b you find in spinach xanthophylls, carotenoids and pheophytin. These "accessory" pigments are known to have the major function of photo-protection
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The pigments found in chloroplasts are called chlorophyll, which consists of seven types. It is the green pigment present in algae and plants. ...
Chloroplasts are found in plant cells and some other eukaryotic organisms. Their main function is photosynthesis. All chloroplasts contain chlorophyll, the green ...
Because, 2 + 2 = 4 ...
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