Besides Energy What Moves through the Organisms at Each Trophic Level of an Ecosystem?


The internet is a good place to learn about ecosystems. You can learn what besides energy moves through organisms at each trophic level online. There are sites that show specific ecosystems and food webs.
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Manda says, "I think it's
what moves through the organisms at each trophic level of an ecosystem.
Energy and nutrients move by feeding, waste excretion and decay. Some nutrients have atmospheric cycles (eg carbon, nitrogen and water if you count it as a nutrient) and some don't
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Energy that is lost at each trophic level of an ecosystem is replenished by sunlight. A trophic level is the position at which an organism sits within a food or ...
If the level of energy decreases at certain trophic levels, the number of organisms who can feed at that level decreases. The opposite is true if the level of ...
The amount of energy available at each Trophic level affects the structure of the ecosystem by providing a system of food absorption and organism function. The ...
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