Best All around Hunting Rifle?


The best all around hunting rifle to many may be the Remington 7600 pump 30 06 pump action. It can shoot clear past 200 yards. It can strike your prey with deadly force and accuracy.
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Well, it depends on what you're asking. If you want something as suitable for a squirrel as it is for a bear, it doesn't exist. You need to clarify how you define 'best'
Your going to cause a Ford verses Chevy argument here. Savage makes a fine rifle but I prefer the Remington 700. I have 2. Remington 700VTR in .308 topped off with a Nikon Scope.
A .270 short mag (magnum) is the best gun for hunting all types of animals from my own experience and from the experiences of a variety of people who I am close friends or relations
Both the Benjamin 392 and Benjamin 397 are considered the gold standard for multi-pump pneumatic airguns. Both guns produce around 12-13 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. That's plenty of
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Some of the best Sniper Rifle BB Gun includes the VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle. This gun sells for around $95 and holds 30 rounds, as of 2012. The MB05 AWM ...
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