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When deciding on a plan and provider for your cellphone, you want a service that will work in most of the places that you travel. Some companies are known for only covering major cities and not the rural areas. The companies with the best cell phone coverage are Verizon and AT&T. Both companies have customers sign contracts, normally two years, that offer a variety of options and the customers get to choose from a wide selection of cell phones and other devices.
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The best cell phone coverage will depend on where the phone is being used. All major carriers offer a coverage map showing where the best coverage is. Major cities tend to have the
Service Provider Coverage Maps. Service providers post maps of their coverage on their websites. These maps are pretty accurate; providers want to keep their customers and misrepresenting
Well it does depend on your area, but from reviews from other
It costs. money. to install this stuff.
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Not all cell phone carriers work the best in all areas. Do determine the best cell phone coverage in an area ask a cell phone representative or check a coverage map.
Cnet reviews of cell phones rated Samsung or iPhone as the best phones. Both have built-in contracts for phone connections, and two year contracts. Both conform to GDMA standards.
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