What is the best cell phone reception?


Reception is a problem that all cell phone users face. No one wants to be in the middle of a call and have it drop or you can't understand what the other person is saying. Your reception problems are mitigated when you purchase a high quality phone with a great antenna. The iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, the Samsung Note and the Motorola DROID are considered the top of the line models and have the best ratings in regard to reception.
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1. Visit the CellReception website. 2. Search by entering your zip code. User comments will come up in areas around your zip code telling you which carriers have proven to have good
At&t has better reception than other major companies.
1 Stay still. The environment between your cell phone and the place your phone is communicating to (like a telephone pole, the first stationary receiver) will work as a kind of filter
Certain Cell phone providers have better reception depending on which
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How to Get the Best Cell Phone Reception
Learn which cell phone carrier has the best cell phone reception in your area with a quick search on the CellReception website. Search over 147,000 cell phone tower locations and read user comments on who has the best coverage. Use this handy tool if... More »
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