Best Conditioner for Dry Brittle Hair?


Dry, brittle hair needs extra care and its not easy finding the best conditioner. The beauty editors of InStyle magazine have come up with some of the best conditioners for damaged hair. Number one of the InStyle list is Kerastase Nutritive's hair mask. With its protein and lipids it will nourish hair back to a stronger, softer, and glossy condition. The silicone in the product helps protect the hair from heat-based tools. Another highly recommended conditioner is Garnier Fructis Fortifying Triple Nutrition Conditioner. Its olive oil, shea oil, and avocado nourishes hair to repair damage.
Q&A Related to "Best Conditioner for Dry Brittle Hair?"
Use sulfate free shampoos since sulfates dry out and roughen up your hair. They're so much gentler so you can use them daily if you need to. Also use weekly hair masks with stuff
Nexxus has several conditioners listed
1. Add moisture and hydrate the strands of hair. This is done by using a deep, leave in conditioner. Apply your choice of leave in deep conditioner to each strand. Allow the product
Biolage makes amazing conditioners for dry hair.
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