Best Dovetail Jig?


There is some differences of opinion on what is the best dovetail jig. Scott Phillips of American Woodshop designated the AKEDA as the best dovetail jig, and it may well be, but there are other dovetail jigs worthy of consideration depending on the intended use of the jig. Ranking first on the list, as tested and reviewed by Jack Loganbill of The Woodshop, is the Leigh D4 which is said to do it all well. Second on the list is the AKEDA DC-16.
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1. Purchase a dovetail jig set. The set will include (at minimum) a tungsten carbide steel dovetail bit, a tungsten carbide steel straight bit, guide bushings, and the dovetail template
there are no jigs that large that I have ever heard of, also would depend on the diameter of the ends.
Dovetail Jigs can be purchased at many places such as Home Depot and Lowes. They can also be purchased online at places like Amazon, Sears and Rockler.
Overall Rating: Rating 4.5 Star Rating star(s) Leigh D1600 Dovetail Jig
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