Best Dwarf Citrus Trees?


Southern gardeners and California gardeners used to be the only ones that could grow citrus trees. Botanists were able to develop a new species called the dwarf citrus tree that is able to grow inside the home which makes it able to grown all over the country. Some of the most popular varieties are the Owari satsuma mandarin, the Kieffer lime, the Eureka lemon and the Meyer lemon. You should make sure you pick the sunniest spot in your home to grow the best dwarf citrus trees.
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The Best Dwarf Citrus Trees
Dwarf citrus trees are a regular citrus variety that has been grafted onto a dwarf rootstock. This keeps the citrus tree considerably smaller than a regular citrus tree while still providing quality fruit. Many of these trees are small enough to grow in... More »
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1. Locate an area in your yard for spring planting after the final thaw. The site should contain sunny, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.5. Test the pH of your soil using a soil-testing
At least 1.5 meters apart from each other. The further apart, the better. Dwarf trees have a much smaller total height and bush/branch width, meaning they take up less room, but they
1. Choose an area under the citrus tree with good drainage and soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. If necessary, add compost to loosen the soil and help balance its pH. 2. Dig a hole
Liquid copper is a popular fungicide for citrus fruit trees. It makes an effective fungicide, but it accumulates in the soil which might get to toxic levels. Powdery mildew is a fungus
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1. Pick a time between March and September to prune your dwarf citrus tree. Cut off any branches that are not producing fruit to minimize the fullness of the tree ...
Growing dwarf citrus trees requires living in a warm climate with lots of sunshine. Some Mideastern states have been known to successfully growth the dwarf trees ...
1. Select the right size pot for your tree. For a 1-year-old tree, a 6"to-9"diameter pot will do fine. In a year, you will need to replant it to a 10" ...
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